Monday, June 4, 2007

My Week

this week went by pretty fast. career day i thought was pretty fun too. i stayed home and decided not to go. the reason for that is because i have alredy been to the campus of humber collge before which is where i am planning to go next year.i also didnt go because most of the workshops i thought were not for my career at all. althou i thought i should visit humber collge campus one more time but my friend didnt go so i didnt go 0 is a good thing.tihs is not because u get a free day but because u learn new things other than what u learn during school. i usually go to day 0 if they are important for instence collge and university fairs and stuff like that.

1'st week of second semester

The first of school was O.K. i am not happy with 2 of my classes, math and english, because they are boring. the best things about some of my classes are that they are easy and fun the worst . thing about some of my classes are that they are boring and hard. my report card marks were not really what i expected it to be. i was expecting a better mark because i worked hard in my classes. if i was a migrating bird i would fly out to l.a for the winter becasue thats my home town.